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Surftech Lahui Kai Pro Elite Paddle Board

Surftech Lahui Kai Pro Elite Stand Up BoardPaddle boarding may be one of the most fun and relaxing summer activities, but it is also a very competitive and pretty spectacular sport. In other words, there are people out there who take this sport as something way more important and cooler than just an activity to kill a couple of hours during your summer afternoons.

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For those people, having the right board and equipment makes all the difference in the world, since it can essentially mean the difference between losing and winning an important race.

Having the right equipment is important in any sport, but if you are a champion or you would like to become one, then it is absolutely imperative that you have the best equipment. With all those paddle boards available on sporting good stores, sometimes even season paddle boarding pros may have a hard time choosing the right one for them.

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Rave Palau Stand Up Paddle Board

Rave Palau Stand Up Paddle boardSummer is almost here and a a lot of people are counting down the days before they will be able to partake in their favorite summer sports and activities. When it comes to summer sports, the most popular are definitely Kayaking and paddleboarding. The problem however is that up until recently, you needed to get special equipment for each of those sports, which can be quite costly and so people are forced to choose one or the other.

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Luckily, recent advancements in technology and sports science have changed that. There are not hybrid boards that can be used for both activities, in other words, you get two boards for the price of one, which means that you can take up both kayaking and paddleboarding.

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Ozoboard Cross-Over 806

Ozoboard Cross-Over 906Because of its hot and sunny weather, Summers is the perfect season for sports in general and water sports in particular. If you or your kids would like to learn a new water sport like kayaking, paddle boarding and surfing, Summer is definitely the right time to do it.

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The only problem is that as with all sports, you will need the right equipment for each watersport that you or kids will want to learn and that can set you back thousands of dollars.

Thankfully though, that is no longer the case. Recently, new so called “hybrid boards” have been introduced into the market and they have pretty much solved the problem of having to buy a different board for each sport. These boards are extremely popular and sought after which means that new ones are constantly finding their way onto store shelves and this can make finding the right one for you seem a bit difficult.

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Naish Mana AIR 4″ Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board

Naish Mana AIR inflatable Stand-up Paddle BoardVery few summer activities and watersports have managed to get big and extremely popular quite as quickly as paddleboarding. This is mainly because it is a really fun summer activity that is easy to pick up, really fun and very good for your health and body. In fact, because of the reasons I just mentioned, it has become the favorite summer hobby of many hollywood stars, models and pop or rock singers.

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The only thing that you need to get into paddleboarding, is a good paddle board and this is where a small problem may arise. You see, paddleboarding is extremely popular and as a result of its huge popularity, store shelves in sporting goods stores are chock full of models and boards, while new ones are being added in an almost daily basis.

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KL Industries Sun Dolphin Seaquest Stand-Up Paddle Board

KL Industries Sun Dolphin Seaquest Stand-Up Paddle BoardSummer is a very good season to take up a new sport or outdoor activity and it’s definitely the best one when it comes to taking up water sports. The reason for that is of course that the weather is warm almost all the time and that the sun is shining practically every day.

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When it comes to taking up water sports however, some people are a bit reluctant. The main reason for this, is the fact that they think that they are quite expensive. While that may be true for some sports, it certainly is not for one of the most popular: paddle boarding.

Paddle boarding has taken the world by storm and it has become the summer activity of choice for millions of people all over the world, including some really famous celebrities. The reason for that is simple: it’s a very fun and exciting sport that is easy to pick up and very inexpensive since you only need a paddle and a board to get started.

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Keeper Sports Stand Up Paddle Board Set

Keeper Sports Stand Up Paddle BoardSummer is fast approaching and a lot of people, young and old alike, are preparing to take up their favorite water sports again. Sports like surfing and kayaking have been extremely popular all those years, but lately, a brand new water sport seems to be taking the world by storm: paddle boarding.

The reason for that is very simple: it’s really fun, very safe and extremely easy to pick up.

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As with any sport, if you want to pick up paddle boarding, you will need some equipment with the most important part of it, being the board. Since this sport is so popular, there are way too many boards available on the market for one to choose from and that can make finding the right one for you and your family, seem a bit difficult and very time consuming. well, here’s where we come in!

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Conquest Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Conquest Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

If you ever happen to come across pictures of celebrities on their summer vacation, you will notice that most of them seem to spend a good deal of their time paddleboarding. This is because paddleboarding is a really fun and easy to pick up water based sport or activity, that is also really good for your silhouette and physique.

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In other words, it’s one of the secrets behind the perfect bodies of models, pop stars and film stars.

Now, seeing all those celebrities partaking in this fun summer activity, a lot of people may think that this will be a pretty expensive hobby. This couldn’t be further than the truth. With just a few hundred bucks and even less than a hundred in some cases, you can buy a paddle board and be ready to hit the beaches and start working on your new and amazing body.

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Advanced Elements Hula 11 Inflatable SUP

Looking for a really versatile water board? Here’s the Advanced elements Hula 11 inflatable board

Summer is without a doubt the favorite season of most people on the planet and one reason for that, apart from the nice weather and the lack of school for the youngsters, is the fact that it’s the perfect time for water based sports and activities.

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Sports like surfing, kayaking and paddleboarding are extremely popular all over the world and there is a very good reason for that: they are very fun and really good for the body. There is a problem however, namely, that of the equipment needed for each of those sports being a bit expensive.

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BIC Sport ACS Stand-Up Paddleboard

Riding a paddleboard mixes the fun of two things: surfing and paddling. Surfboards are not really thick enough for paddling. If you want to get started on the Paddleboard, you will need to purchase a quality board. The BIC Sport ACS Stand-Up Paddleboard is definitely a good place to start.

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The BIC Sport ACS Stand-Up Paddleboard has a good balance between thickness and width. This classic longboard is balanced and stable. It has great overall performance.

It is durable and affordable. This paddleboard is made with polyethylene construction to guarantee durability and strength. The board is designed for easy transport. These boards come with an integrated deck pad that provides traction and comfort while standing.

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Airhead AHSUP-1 Stand Up Paddle Board

The Airhead AHSUP-1 Stand Up Paddle Board is a fantastic board for newcomers to the stand up paddleboarding sport.

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Unlike many inflatable SUP boards, the Airhead AHSUP-1 Stand Up Paddle Board is constructed with high quality materials and proven manufacturing techniques that ensure it won’t tear or deflate upon collision.

The Airhead AHSUP-1 Stand Up Paddle board measures 10 feet, 6 inches long and weighs 38.5 lbs when fully inflated.  The Airhead AHSUP is a little heavier than most inflatable paddle boards, but this provides performance more similar to a rigid board.

The Airhead has immense buoyancy, so riders need not worry about sagging in the middle – a common flaw found amongst inflatables.

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Lifetime Freestyle Multi-Sport Paddle Board

The Lifetime Freestyle Multi-Sport Paddleboard is an outstanding paddle board for newcomers and paddle boarders who enjoy riding on flat water.  It is an ideal “back-up” board when friends and family come over and want to try out riding on a calm surface.

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The plastic body design makes it ideal for paddle boarders who don’t want to worry about getting dings or dents that may compromise the integrity of the foam core. The enhanced damage resistance and durability make it a perfect choice for paddle boarding enthusiasts who want to use their board around animals and children.

This plastic design, however, may make it unappealing to veteran paddle boarders who crave a strongly engineered core design that is maneuverable and speaks better to their personal experience.  If you’re looking for a board that you can hand to a companion, this is definitely a good choice.

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Review of Ark and Staff: Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Soft Surfboard with Carbon Fiber Paddle

The Ark and Staff by Greco Surfboards is a pioneering design in stand up paddle boards.  Greco Surfboards has been reshaping the surfboard industry for many years and have finally fashioned a SUP out of their space age, high density foams.

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The Ark and Staff are the culmination of years of research into new materials, designs and construction techniques.  This particular stand up paddle board benefits from the introduction of the highest density foam on the market, which is reinforced with high strength Birchwood stringers and a mesh netting system.

The Ark is a rigid board that is enormously resistant to damage.  Unlike other rigid stand up paddle boards that are prone to chipping and dinging, which can lead to loss of buoyancy if water permeates the EPS core, the Ark Stand Up Paddle Board has a cushioned surface that protects the integrity of the board’s EPS core. The EPS Core is sandwiched between dual layers of the mesh netting, which not only safeguards the core but also prevents extreme deformation of shape in heavy surf.

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Tower Adventurer 9’10″ Inflatable SUP (6″ Thick) with Pump and 3-PC Adjustable Paddle

The Tower Adventurer 9’10″ Inflatable SUP (6″ Thick) with Pump and 3-PC Adjustable Paddle makes a phenomenal introductory stand up paddle board or a secondary board for veteran SUP devotee.

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The standout feature of the Tower Adventurer is the 6 inch thickness.  Unlike most of the inflatable stand up paddle boards on the market, which are usually 4 inches thick, the Tower Adventurer’s added thickness prevents sagging in the middle.

The increased buoyancy and rigidity provides less drag in the water, providing a more comfortable ride coupled with improved performance.

The Tower Adventurer 9’10″ Inflatable SUP (6″ Thick) is 32 inches wide in contrast to many of the inflatable boards on the market, which max out at 30 inches.  The added width and thickness of the Tower Adventurer contribute to greater rigidity, which increases speed and maneuverability.  The greater platform surface area and increased stability also helps prevent falling off of the board, especially in the presence of lateral currents.

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Tower Fit 9’10″ Stand Up Paddle Board

The Tower Fit 9’10″ Stand Up Paddle Board is a hybrid SUP that is ideal for flat water riding as well as heavy surf or white water riding.  The Tower Fit is shorter than most introductory paddle boards, however it makes up for that by being considerably more stable.

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Weighing in at only 24.6 lb, without pad and fins, or 26 lb completely outfitted, the Tower Fit is a light board that will respond to the lightest touch and provide outstanding performance.

The Tower Fit 9’10″ Stand Up Paddle Board measures 9’10” x 31.75” x 5.5 with a 6.8″ nose and a 3.6″ tail.  The volume is 200.5 liters which contributes to increased buoyancy and stability. There is a centrally located carrying handle for easy transport.  An air vent can be screwed in if desired. This board features an aesthetically pleasing “Tower” branded diamond grooved deck pad, which will provide enormous grip and comfort.

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Sea Eagle SUP Inflatable Paddle Board LongBoard 11ft Start Up Package

Sea Eagle SUP Inflatable Paddle BoardThe Sea Eagle SUP Inflatable Paddle Board LongBoard 11ft Start Up Package is a heavy duty, all purpose inflatable SUP longboard that exceeds expectations.  The key advantage to the Sea Eagle SUP is the the ultra strong, industrial strength drop stitching.

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Unlike many inflatable stand up paddle boards on the market, this one has the durability to take on a whitewater run or heavy ocean surf.

Sea Eagle SUP inflatable boards are designed to take an actual hammer blow and remain unscathed.  This resistance to tears is from its proprietary internal and external design.  The Sea Eagle SUP Inflatable Paddle Board can hold 12 pounds of air pressure, more than twice that of its competitors, adding to its rigidity and improving performance.

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Surftech Universal Softop SUP Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand Up Paddleboard ReviewsThe  Surftech Universal Softop SUP Stand Up Paddleboard is one of most well crafted and high performanceboards in its class.  This $999 board is a steal for the quality and handling that it provides.

The quality of construction and stability in the water make this the ideal board for the standup paddleboarding newcomer who takes her learning seriously, while the comfort and nimble performance that will suit the needs of even hardcore veterans.

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The Surftech Universal Softop SUP Stand Up Paddleboard was designed by Randy French, the founder of Surftech and its most prestigious craftsman.  French has created a stunningly beautiful board with performance specs that rival the best in the industry.

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BIC Sport Classic – Wood Stand-Up Paddleboard

Stand Up Paddleboard ReviewsThe BIC Sport Classic – Wood Stand-Up Paddleboard is an excellent all purpose paddleboard.  Whether you are interested in using the paddleboard in a flat water environment or you would prefer to take to the ocean waves,  the BIC Sport Classic – Wood Stand-Up Paddleboard provides incredible comfort and performance.

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This is one of BIC Sport’s classic series which is one of the most popular and bestselling boards.  BIC Sport is one of the leaders of the SUP industry.  With more than twenty years experience in the design and manufacture of windsurfing equipment, surfboards and stand up paddleboarding equipment, BIC Sport guarantees that their products will meet all your requirements for beautiful, durable, high performance water sport equipment.

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Ocean Kayak Nalu Stand-Up Paddleboard

The  Ocean Kayak Nalu 11′ Stand-Up Paddleboard is a fantastic all-purpose paddle board that is an outright steal for the price.

The Nalu 11 functions well on all water surfaces – from a calm lake to white water rapids to ocean swells.  The durable roto-molded polyethylene construction is so durable it feels like you could drive over it without damaging it.

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Just looking at this board, you can see its similarities are more akin to a kayak than a traditional surf board.  This construction gives you unparalleled control in choppier waters where traditional paddle boards tend to falter.

If you are looking for a smooth, nimble ride, the Nalu is great in that department as well.  There are a few drawbacks, but for the money you are shelling out, they are pretty manageable.

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Surftech Universal SUP Paddle Boards

Surftech Universal SUP Paddle SurfboardsWhy should you get a Surftech Universal Sup Paddle Surfboard? Before we go into that, you should know  the difference between stand-up surfboards and long boards. People say that SUPs are simply over-sized long boards but this is not true at all.

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Yes, paddle boards may be a bit broader compared to long boards, but there are still plenty of significant differences. It is not just about widening the body since many aspects of long board designs are now magnified to accentuate, you guessed it, surfing. This includes the rockers, rails and rolled bottoms. With stand up paddle boards, the drag is increased which means that the response is slower.  This is actually an advantage if you’re paddle boarding and not at all a deficit.

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Sevylor Samoa Standup Inflatable Paddleboard

The Sevylor Samoa Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board is one of the most unique and practical paddle boards available on the market.  Because it’s an inflatable board, it’s automatically a great choice for beginners trying to get the hang of stand-up paddleboarding.

Inflatable paddleboards come with a whole set of pros and cons that are wholly different from the solid-state SUPs.  We’ll discuss all that later.

A starting advantage to this board is you won’t have to strap a huge board to the roof of your car.  The Sevylor Samoa can easily fit in your trunk while deflated. In fact, it’s so small and compact when fully deflated that you can even check it into your luggage for airplane trips! In other words, you will be able to carry the Sevylor board with you at all times, no matter where your travels may lead.

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The 12′ SUP ATX LRTX is another good deal for the beginner.  According to the SUP ATX website, this board comes as a “special package” that includes the SUP ATX Board, a carbon fiber paddle, and fin.

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The SUP ATX is an all-around board designed for use in all types of water.

Being produced in Texas, this board is probably made  for flat water paddling on lakes and rivers, but it will definitely work in the surf.  It doesn’t have a fin for tracking, which may make it difficult to track in choppier waters, but definitely appears to be a good fit for calmer water.

At 12′ x 31″ wide x 4.5″, the SUP is going to be very stable and easy to ride.  This is important if you are looking for a comfortable experience.

SUP ATX Features:

  • All boards come fully equipped
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Smooth SUP Bomber

Smooth SUP

Smooth SUP has a really sleek line of boards that are definitely quality SUPs.  They offer a few different “types” of boards – the Chino, Bomber, and Meli’a – which are all actually the same shape just different looks.  Smooth SUP also has a glider for flat water and touring.

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The first noticeable aspect of these boards is the distinctive look and ergonomics.  The design is quite modern and, in my opinion, actually quite cool looking.  The ergonomics are also an important factor as they gave their SUPs an extended traction range across the surface.

This is actually way more of an advantage for extended touring down rivers and streams as it will let you adjust to multiple positions while keeping your balance.  This is great if you’re looking to go on a multi-day trip and know you’re going to want to go from kneeling to standing then back to kneeling again.

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Liquid Shredder Paddleboard Soft Flatwater

liquid shredder

The Liquid Shredder Paddleboard is an extremely functional paddleboard that is built specifically for flat water surfaces – such as lakes, ponds, bays, and even rivers.  Though it is possible to surf this Liquid Shredder SUP, it is mainly for paddling only.  Calm waves and light surfs can still be enjoyed with it but it gives the rider a wide range of water conditions to enjoy.

Some cool things things about this board is that it does support up to 300 pounds (136 kg), making it capable of carrying you and some other items. The cool part here is that the Liquid Shredder SUP has tie down points on the nose where you can strap in your extra gear like towels or clothes.  Great for those who love to not only paddleboard but also adventure.

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C4 Waterman iSUP 10’6″ Inflatable

c4 waterman The C4 Waterman iSUP 10’6″ Inflatable is yet another great SUP for the beginner.

This board is inflatable, making it very easy to travel with and maintain.

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The C4 Waterman is one of Waterman’s most popular SUPs. Though great for flat water, this board is built to catch waves.

I’ve used this board quite often. I inflated it and pretty much have left it inflated in my garage.  It really does not seem to loose a lot of air pressure over time.

I weigh 175 lbs (80 kg) and have had no issues with it flexing or bending.  Hopefully, this gives you an idea of how well the C4 Waterman is made.  Obviously, if you’re a heavier rider, I would exercise some caution with its temperament – but I have absolutely no reason to believe it would operate significantly different.

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Surftech SUP Blacktip 10’6″

Surftech SUP

The Surftech SUP Blacktip is a great, reliable board designed with the beginner in mind. This SUP from Surftech provides a sturdy and steady progressive platform to advance your confidence in the sport.

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The Surftech SUP was fashioned by Surftech with extra volume inside the board making it paddle without difficulty, as well as a firmer core to increase the speed. The Blacktip SUP’s smooth level bottom adds to the board’s stability and causes it to be effective at catching waves.

The Surftech SUP has a molded-in center hand-grip and soft side handles making it simpler to haul the board as well as to get the board onto the water.

Coming complete with an adjustable aluminum shafted SUP paddle along with a safety leash, the Blacktip SUP offers everything you need to begin.

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